Fish Tacos with Lime Crema

Now that I am a mama of two, I am the Queen of easy fast meals. I love Trader Joe’s and on my weekly shopping trip I was inspired when I bought these “healthier” fish sticks for my 2 year old. I won’t lie though.. the thing that really makes these standout is the not-so-healthy lime crema.


Fish Tacos:

-Corn Tortillas

-Shredded Green Cabbage

-Pico de gallo or salsa of choice

-1 Lime

-Fish Sticks or Breaded Fish in freezer section

***This Trader Joe’s version is Reduced Fat and lightly breaded!! I love it just      as much as the fattier versions i’ve used.

Lime Crema:

1/4 cup Sour Cream (fat free was honestly just as good!)

3 tablespoons Mayonnaise

Zest from one Lime

Juice from one Lime

1/4 teaspoon Salt



-Make crema before hand so the flavors can marry. At least an hour before. Combine all crema ingredients and mix well. Refrigerate covered until ready to top tacos.

-Bake frozen fish according to directions on box. I usually cook a little longer to make sure the breading is nice and crispy.

-Heat corn tortillas on stove in dry pan until desired toast. This is usually pretty quick so be sure to watch carefully!

-Once tortillas are off the heat top quickly. Layer a small handful of cabbage, then top with fish, salsa, and top with crema. Serve with a lime wedge on the side.

My favorite side for this is a simple Jicama corn black bean salsa. I will post this soon as it makes a perfect healthy side this summer. It’s also a great dip if you serve it with chips.


The way I made it this was ONLY 7 Weight Watchers Points even with the side!!!





Rainbow Rice for sensory play

Price is almost 15 months old now and I have been interested in incorporating more educational activities into his day. I first consulted my trusty old friend, Pinterest, and was quickly overwhelmed! Here is a link to my album to see other activities I found . After a week or so of debating, I decided that sensory bins would be a fun place to start.  Price is at the age where everything goes straight into his mouth, so one of my biggest concerns was finding something that was edible, just in case. Rice seemed like the perfect base for my starter sensory bin, so I did a quick run to Target and the Dollar Store for materials!

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and quick it was to make the rainbow rice. I was able to do each color within a couple minutes. I would say start to finish for the 6 colors was maybe 20 minutes. The next day once I put it together, Price was so excited to get his hands in the bin that I could not even snap a picture quick enough. So, here are some quick snaps of him mixing it up!



He loved playing in it with his hands, and even his feet. At one point Daddy and I were cleaning up the rice overflow and looked over to catch him putting a small handful in his mouth. OOPS!! Good thing we went with the rice.

So far, he really loves it, and each time we pull it out I add different toys or utensils to mix it up. The newest addition was Easter eggs.


Rainbow Rice Supplies:

-Rice (large bag, 5 lbs: 2 cups of 6 color with 1 cup leftover)

-Food Coloring

-White Vinegar

-Large Bowl


-Spatula or spoon

-Measuring cup (1 cup)

-Measuring spoon (tablespoon)

-Cookie sheet or tray

-Paper towels

*When building your sensory bin, it is important that you find a container that will allow your child to easily access from a seated position.



-Set up double layer of paper towels on two baking sheets or any type of flat surface (trays, plates, etc.), If you want to make this really easy you can even just use a paper plate for each color.

-Mix 2 tbsp. vinegar with 8 drops of food coloring in large bowl with whisk.

-Slowly mix in 2 cups rice with spatula

-You can add a couple more drops of coloring if you want to adjust the color

-Once mixed well, spatula rice onto paper towels to dry.

-Let dry overnight

-Wake up and enjoy!!




Here are some Sensory Items you can add in. You probably have plenty of things lying around your house, but these were easy to find at Target and the Dollar Tree so I bought most of them to live in a sensory bin for EASY access.

-Measuring cups

-Measuring spoons



-Letters (foam bath letters are great)

-Plastic toys (I added some bright colored lizards I found in the dollar section at Target)





Little ones gift guide

Let’s face it, if you don’t have a little one you probably don’t have the slightest idea of what to get a baby for Christmas!?! Some of my besties started having babies a couple years before me and when it came to the time to buy them a Christmas or birthday gift I would go into instant freak out mode on what to buy!! I often would turn to my trusty bff Pinterest and look up best gifts for whatever age they were. Often after researching though I would look at these lists and think OMG I’m sure they have all of this already?! What’s a girl to!!!

Here is a handy guide of some creative gift ideas that are a little outside of the box:

-My favorite thing that we’ve gotten my son up to this point is this ball pit!! He absolutely loves it and plays in it all throughout the day. The soft shell of it makes it so easy for him to get in and out of on his own and you get to pick the color scheme from many options so it actually looks beautiful in our living room! Only downside about this product is that it ships from Poland so expect a 2-3 week wait for delivery. Great quality though so it was well worth the wait. I just wish I bought an extra set of the balls.


Memberships to local children’s museums, zoos or kids classes in their area. This is truly a gift that keeps giving. I know I will be purchasing swim classes, music classes and art classes in my area.

-My son LOVES books, which makes my heart so happy. One of my best friends, Amanda, got him a book personalized for him and I can’t wait for the day I read it to him and he understands that it is about him!! I found this site that has 150 different styles of personalized books, so you can find one for any child and they start as low as $14.99.


Quiet/Busy Book. I have not bought one of these yet. Because I am waiting to see more of my sons personality before I commit to a theme, but I cannot wait to get him one of these beautiful busy books for car rides and traveling! In addition, he is currently too young for the small parts.


-Nick and I have a large family because both of our parents are divorced so we are blessed to give our son (ready for it…) 3 Grandmas, 4 Grandpas, 3 Aunts, and 4 Uncles!! My mom gifted my son this adorable book with enough slots to include everyone’s picture. I love to go through the tongue twister of all of Price’s family members and their nicknames for him with this book. I can’t tell you how often I find him giggling “talking” to his families pictures.


-I am dying to have a little girl (fingers crossed one day!) so I can buy her a Candy Kirby Designs doll. They are so beautiful and come in all different skin tones and looks. There is even a little boy version if Price wants one. They are also now available at Nordstrom!!


the isabella celebration ballerina doll

Most parents receive a ton of clothes for the first year so I would recommend buying in larger sizes. Most people shop at Carters or Target so if you want to get them something unique check out my favorite kids brands:

Henry & Claire has the cutest rompers around!! They release new styles weekly so you are sure to get them something they do not already have in their closet.


-I am obsessed with these Purllamb pieces for something fun and playful. Who doesn’t love a donut print?! In addition, a portion of their sales goes to orphanages around the world.


-A cool kid hat is hard to find in store… but only a click away if you checkout George Hats!! This is my go to for a cute summer trucker.


-If you are looking for something warmer NOXX beanies are the best beanie for a little one. They fit perfect and are such great material! They also come in a nice variety of colors and styles. Once you go NOXX you won’t buy any other brand.


-For our baby shower one of my Mother in Laws (I am blessed to have two) got us a newborn photo session. I am beyond happy that she did. I would have felt too guilty spending that kind of money at that time but I am so grateful she did. Most photographers do mini sessions, which usually run about $75 in California area. If you do not want to research a local photographer, you can always get a gift card for a chain photography location in their area like Picture People, Sears or Buy Buy Baby.

I hope you enjoyed this list of our favorites!






Dress up your boxed cake mix

Halloween Cupcakes.jpg

Anyone who knows me knows I am not into baking. I hate following directions, I hate measuring out ingredients exactly right, and it just always goes wrong for me so it is not my thing! Every once in a while you have to make some delicious cupcakes so instead of stressing myself out trying to bake from scratch I researched ways to make a boxed cake taste better. I tested out the tips I saw had the best feedback and was very happy with the finished product.


The tips I used:

Add 1 more egg

Use melted butter instead of oil, double the amount (I melted the butter in the microwave). Many people said equal to oil but I tried double and it was so moist.

Use milk instead of water

Fill cups ¾ full

Preheat oven to 350 but reduce to 325 when you insert the cupcakes. Cook for 25 minutes


More tips you can try:

Instead of 1 egg, add 2 extra eggs to be very rich

Add 2 tsp Vanilla (the only reason I did not do this was that I made chocolate cupcakes

Coffee or soda instead of water

Sprinkle with sugar to keep from cake rising and to add a sweet crunchy texture. Rachael Ray suggested for cakes. I wouldn’t do it on cupcakes as you want them to rise and have that nice muffin top.

Add a tablespoon of Mayo to keep cake/cupcakes moist longer

Add lemon (citrus) zest to cake batter or frosting. I do this with cookie frosting and dough and it’s a game changer!!

Making your own icing to top your cake


P.S . Sorry  I didn’t have a good picture, I wasn’t planning on blogging these until I realized how good they were and that was after most of them were gone.


Happy Baking!




B’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

My Mom has been making this soup for our family forrrrreeevvvveeerrr (insert Sandlot voice). It is the first thing I crave when I am not feeling well. Over the years, I have adapted it into my own version. This soup is not only super easy, but it is a great base to customize as your own.


6 Cups Chicken or Beef Broth (I prefer Beef and usually go Low Sodium)

1 Small Onion

2 Garlic Cloves (I usually cheat and use the Minced Garlic from Trader Joes)

3 Chicken Breasts or meat from a Rotisserie Chicken if you are in a hurry

1 can of corn

1 can of Sliced Olives

¼ tsp Cumin

¼ tsp Salt

½ tsp Pepper

½ bunch of Cilantro (My hubby and I are obsessed with Cilantro!! Original recipe says ¼ Cup)


I usually cook the Chicken in my crockpot on Low for about 5-6 hours. When I do not think to do this in the morning, I grab a Rotisserie Chicken on my way home and just shred that up. If you do this skip adding salt to the soup.


Mix Broth, Onion and Garlic in a large stock pot over Medium High heat. Bring to a boil.


Add all ingredients except Cilantro and cook uncovered for 15 minutes.


Add Cilantro and cook for 5 more minutes.


Top with Chips and Cheese and Enjoy!!


Other add ins:


Zucchini** I add this with the Cilantro so it doesn’t get mushy

Canned tomatoes

Chopped Green Chilies



Other add ons:

Sour cream

Hot Sauce




Don’t be shy to comment your ideas. Sharing is caring 🙂






The good, the bad and the UGLY about Hello Fresh



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I love cooking I find it very therapeutic and a nice creative outlet for me. Right after having my son, Price, I found we were eating out a lot. It was really hard to find the time to cook and even harder to get out to the grocery shop regularly. Luckily now that Price is almost 9 month I am a lot better at balancing being a mom, working full-time and running our household. I can FINALLY cook again regularly and it makes me so happy! I get so much enjoyment out of making something from scratch and enjoying a meal with my hubby at the end of a long day. In the middle of the desperation of eating out and not having time I decided it would be the perfect time to try Hello Fresh. I had been curious for a while, but thought it was a little over priced (pre-baby). Post baby the convenience of it was worth the cost alone.

Now I want to start by saying this is not a sponsored post!! It’s also not to try to persuade you to use my discount code. This is a true post on my experience. I found it only fair to try it multiple times, so this could be a really good account of the experience of having the subscription.  So, after 4 boxes here are my thoughts:

The good…

-Really convenient weekly delivery system to avoid grocery shopping for dinners.

-This experience taught me how to make new thing like; peanut sauce, risotto, and a crema.

-It took off the pressure of deciding what to make each week.

-You can choose which meals are sent if you do it a timely manner. If I didn’t like the options I simply skipped that week.

-You get each meal bagged with the ingredients you need for just those 2 meals (or 4 if you choose). I found I wasn’t wasting as much food.

-The directions are easy to follow with pictures, and most recipes are quite simple.

The bad…

-The vegetables didn’t always arrive fresh and often wilted before you can complete your box. I even tried changing the day it shipped and making them starting that same evening and found that day 2 and day 3 were still slightly wilted. With this being said most veggies were still completely usable but a couple times I had to re-buy produce to keep it FRESH.

-The first box of 4 items I timed each recipe and found that the meals took about an hour from beginning to plating. Not counting cleaning time. So they took longer than they said on the direction sheets.

-Some of the meals were small so I added a side. I am someone who only eats half of a meal when I go out to dinner so I can eat the rest for lunch the next day to give you an idea of my potions. Some meals though had a good amount of extra sides never extra of the meat.

The ugly…

-The Thai Chicken bowls noodles were literally rock hard!! I even let them boil longer hoping to soften them because I thought they were a little hard but it didn’t help. I later saw on the Hello Fresh Instagram that many customers complained of the same problem.

-While I was more impressed than my husband, when I asked my husband point-blank what he thought he said that most of the meals had a weird twist to try to make them different. Like they were trying too hard to make them have a fancy twist.


Overall I definitely would continue this once a month, maybe sometimes more just for the convenience and ability to learn new recipes. I do want to note that I am going to be skipping for a little while because I am working on losing some weight and unfortunately most of these meals aren’t as healthy as I would like. I would highly suggest this subscription to someone who doesn’t know how or doesn’t cook a lot. I could see this really useful for people who need help in the kitchen.


If you want to try it out I do have a code for $40 off your 1st box:

Don’t be shy if you have any questions, I was trying to keep this short and simple but would be happy to share more. If you have tried Hello Fresh or a similar box share your experience below with us. I am always looking for a way to simplify everyday life.





The Owlet and our other  SLEEP must haves

The scariest part for me about being a new mom was our baby sleeping at night. Even though I was delirious, I would get Price down and then lie in bed and listen to make sure I heard him breathing. If I didn’t hear him, I would then get up and check and make sure he was still breathing. To be honest when I heard any little noise (especially those scary newborn gasps) I would check on him. I would watch him to assure myself he was still alive and safe and then I would sneak back into bed and listen while I laid there.  No matter how hard I would try, I would repeat this process until I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open!!

In my crazy pregnancy baby research stage (it was ridiculous how obsessed I was with reading everything baby), I came across the Owlet and thought it was cool in theory but overpriced. With all the things we had to buy I decided to skip this added “luxury”.

Price was born on December 28th and by January 21st I finally posted on FB and asked my friends for advice on the Owlet. I had it!! I was not getting ANY sleep because I was so scared our LO would quit breathing. To be fair, right before Price I had a missed miscarriage which I think has made me more worried things will go wrong again. I will post more about that when we are ready.

I am so glad that I had friends who urged me to try it out.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Owlet! It was worth every penny and is probably the best baby item I purchased!!!!

While it does not prevent anything from happening, it gives you the peace of mind that if he were to quit breathing you would know and hopefully have a chance to help your LO. I can finally sleep which is not only good for me, but for my son!  I also found it extra helpful when our son caught RSV so I could monitor his oxygen levels.

**I do want to bring up FALSE ALARMS because that was my biggest concern purchasing the sock. When Price was a newborn we would get them quite often because the sock would slip off. I heard from a close friend that the newer versions modified sock style stays on a lot better. If you are interested in the Owlet I wouldn’t let this deter you because there are different alarms. The alarm to alert you that the sock is on incorrectly or has fallen off is actually a lullaby so it doesn’t scare you as much when it goes off.  The alarm to alert you of heart rate or oxygen level being low is a very different sound and turns red.

Good news!! The Owlet is now available at Buy Buy Baby!
Here is a link for more information on their FAQ about the Owlet:


Sleep sacks

If you are a swaddle ninja like my hubby, Aden + Anais muslin swaddle cloths are the way to go, but if you are like me, I needed something fast and easy. When Price was a newborn we used Swaddle Me swaddlers since they were so easy to use and stayed wrapped even though our LO was a wiggly little guy.

He has never liked his arms swaddled so at a really young age we kept them out. Once he was around 3 months we switched to Halo Sleep sacks and at 6 months we haven’t looked back! Since Price was born at the end of December we started with the thicker micro fleece version and a cotton one to wear over his one piece pajamas. Once we moved to the next size I bought the lighter weight muslin version because it was warmer weather (spring moving into summer).

Swaddle Blankets:
**I didn’t notice much of a difference in the Aden+Anais vs their cheaper version the Aden by Aden
Velcro Swaddler:
Sleep sack:


Sleep Machine

There are so many options depending on your personal preference for sleep machines. From stuffed animal sound machine options, travel sized and a traditional sound machine. When I was pregnant I purchased the Marpac Dohm Sound machine because it had such great reviews. I was so excited to get it home, and when I told my hubby about it he suggested we try it out that night. We absolutely love the soothing natural sound this machine makes. We ended up using it the rest of my pregnancy and it really helped us to go to sleep faster and deeper. I did put it away for the first six months of our LOs life because I wanted to be able to hear my baby moving and breathing. I am really excited to start using it again now that I am comfortable with my LO being able to rollover and sleep safely.

Sleep Machine:
Sleepsounds App: Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Decorating your nursery

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When I started brainstorming for nursery ideas I knew one thing, I didn’t want to go with a traditional theme, that’s just NOT ME. I also knew that I didn’t want to have to repaint the baby room many times so I decided I wanted to choose a neutral wall color that would work for either gender, so that I can revamp it for the next baby easily. I started with the idea of one grey and white striped wall as the focal point. My hubby and I did it ourselves, and while it had its moments of being challenging (prepping the tape definitely caused some small time bickering) we survived and ended up with a pretty good striped wall thanks to the HUBS!! I tend to be someone who likes to wing it, which would have resulted in really crooked lines that varied in width. For the most part, it was a relatively easy process.

Once we found out we were having a little boy I narrowed down my nursery theme to a couple of ideas but settled on a ROCKSTAR/music theme because Nick and I are really into music. To keep the theme from getting cheesy I kept the focus on a neutral color palette with some fun pops that were within the theme.

Here are some tips to style your nursery:

Start with a Vision Board

Before I purchased any items, I pulled a total millennial move, and hopped on Pinterest and made an inspiration board. I am a visual person so I found that having the board made it so much easier to see the look as a whole. If you want to see my board, check it out here: Don’t be shy to follow my account for style ideas, decor, recipes’ and life hacks.

If you open my board, you will see that I ended up purchasing a lot of the pieces I pinned. I had to make some substitutions for items that were no longer available, and I did my best to find cheaper versions of pieces where I could.

If you are not into Pinterest no problem! You can build a board on a word document by saving images of pieces you love or you can even go old school and rip out pictures from catalogs, ads, or magazines and make a large collage.

Find Inspiration

While I was pregnant I loved researching on YouTube and following blogs. For stylish and unique nursery ideas, my favorite was this Instagram account:

Our nursery was actually featured on their account here:


Don’t overdo the Theme

Add fun pops but don’t go too matchy matchy with sets.

Examples I used in my nursery:

*I keep the letter board musical themed (Letterboard: My favorite so far has been this:

*In his picture wall I have 2 album cover frames that feature some of our favorite artists. Currently we have White Stripes and Leon Bridges (Price’s first concert in my belly) on display.

*Guitar frame and guitar hooks. I keep the hooks hung in the closet to give it some nice hidden detailing in that area.

*Marquee Lightning seemed really rock star to me so I found an amazing large lightning bolt as a huge focal point above the toy box. The other marquee light is a smaller star that was a nice addition to the gallery wall.

*For the rock star theme, I had to add stars so you will find star detailing all around the nursery. I have a metallic silver pillow and mobile which really complimented my gray color palette and the theme. I also chose grey stars for the print of some of his bedding, swaddlers, blankets and burp rags. The Aden & Anais twinkle collection was just too perfect to complement the room.

Last thing I hate to admit is you don’t need to style and complete the nursery before baby arrives (I hope my husband doesn’t see this, if he does, Ugh.. YOU WERE RIGHT BABE!). Our LO is almost 6 months old now and he hasn’t even used his room yet! That being said, it still is my favorite room in the house and it brings me unlimited joy and happiness.

REMEMBER: It’s all in the details..Happy Styling 🙂

Easy Date Night: Backyard Tent


Being new parents we realized real quick that we had to rethink our date nights. Now not only do we literally have a mini third wheel, but we needed to come up with some options for at-home dates that actually feel special. With the weather warming up I wanted to think of a fun way to utilize our outdoor space, so when I saw this pop up baby tent it was a no brainer that we needed it in our life!!


Now my hubby and I are both foodies, so next was thinking about a fun outdoor meal to enjoy on our date that involved little to no cooking, that is easy to eat while sitting, and quick preparation. I instantly thought of finger foods and then thought it would be fun to make a charcuterie board. The hardest part was narrowing down what to put on my board… so for the first date I decided to go with two. I did a more traditional cheese and meat board and a Mediterranean themed board. Both were so simple to throw together and delicious!!


For ambiance we added candles and our favorite oldies mix (we prefer to listen from our record player). Our little guy loved being outside and being able to sit and chew on his teether while checking out the yard so it was a win for all of us!!


The best part of this date night idea is that the whole family was able to enjoy it (even our dog, Kingston) and it is really easy to customize to your families preferences. We’ve already redone this date with other themes and setups depending on our mood. The possibilities are endless!



Here is what you need for the boards:

Cheese and meat board:


Meats: Prosciutto and Salami

Cheese Selection: Brie and Cream Cheese (I did this to add with the Peperoncinis to my salami)

Fruits: Grapes, Pear, Apple, Blackberries

**I would have added a nut, but I had that on my other platter


Mediterranean Board:


Pitas (Fresh, cut into quarters and smaller bite size)

Pita Chips (you do not need both but I wanted a variety)

Feta Cheese

Olive Medley

Nuts: Candied walnuts

Red Bell pepper


Basil, lemon, or fresh herb for garnish


Some other themes I plan on doing:

Game night with finger foods and yard games (large jenga, washers, ladder golf, corn hole)

Wine tasting with a cheese and chocolate pairing

Grill and Chill

Hot dogs and s’mores on the fire pit

Fondue Night

Pizza party


How would you do your tent date night??

Easy Buffalo Salad

I love cooking but working full time and being a mom means easy recipes I can throw together! During my pregnancy my hubby and I got hooked on Jack’s Urban Eats (for those Sacramento peeps) Buffalo Chicken Salad. After baby, once I was back into cooking I decided to throw together my own version with the modifications I enjoy. This recipe is super easy to use as a base for your own creation. Enjoy!

What you need:

Buffalo Chicken-you can buy pre-made boneless wings or I got this breaded version at Trader Joe’s which I baked and then coated with Frank’s RedHot wing sauce

Romaine Salad

Green Onions

Feta or cheese of choice

Bartlett Pear or Apple

Candied Walnut or nut of choice

Tortilla Chips or crouton

Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing

Frank’s RedHot wing sauce

Now that you have the ingredients you will start with the lettuce in a bowl. Then layer with the other ingredients. You can make this a single salad or huge helping just add in desired toppings and top with the dressing and a drizzle of extra wing sauce if you are saucy like me!!

You can make this a healthier salad by baking or slow cooking the chicken and tossing it in the wing sauce. You can then dress it with a healthier dressing like my personal fave the Bolthouse Farm brands.

Other great additions:


Beans (kidney, garbanzo, edamame, etc.)


Hard Boiled Egg




What is your go to salad recipe for an easy dinner?