Easy Buffalo Salad

I love cooking but working full time and being a mom means easy recipes I can throw together! During my pregnancy my hubby and I got hooked on Jack’s Urban Eats (for those Sacramento peeps) Buffalo Chicken Salad. After baby, once I was back into cooking I decided to throw together my own version with the modifications I enjoy. This recipe is super easy to use as a base for your own creation. Enjoy!

What you need:

Buffalo Chicken-you can buy pre-made boneless wings or I got this breaded version at Trader Joe’s which I baked and then coated with Frank’s RedHot wing sauce

Romaine Salad

Green Onions

Feta or cheese of choice

Bartlett Pear or Apple

Candied Walnut or nut of choice

Tortilla Chips or crouton

Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing

Frank’s RedHot wing sauce

Now that you have the ingredients you will start with the lettuce in a bowl. Then layer with the other ingredients. You can make this a single salad or huge helping just add in desired toppings and top with the dressing and a drizzle of extra wing sauce if you are saucy like me!!

You can make this a healthier salad by baking or slow cooking the chicken and tossing it in the wing sauce. You can then dress it with a healthier dressing like my personal fave the Bolthouse Farm brands.

Other great additions:


Beans (kidney, garbanzo, edamame, etc.)


Hard Boiled Egg




What is your go to salad recipe for an easy dinner?

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