The good, the bad and the UGLY about Hello Fresh



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I love cooking I find it very therapeutic and a nice creative outlet for me. Right after having my son, Price, I found we were eating out a lot. It was really hard to find the time to cook and even harder to get out to the grocery shop regularly. Luckily now that Price is almost 9 month I am a lot better at balancing being a mom, working full-time and running our household. I can FINALLY cook again regularly and it makes me so happy! I get so much enjoyment out of making something from scratch and enjoying a meal with my hubby at the end of a long day. In the middle of the desperation of eating out and not having time I decided it would be the perfect time to try Hello Fresh. I had been curious for a while, but thought it was a little over priced (pre-baby). Post baby the convenience of it was worth the cost alone.

Now I want to start by saying this is not a sponsored post!! It’s also not to try to persuade you to use my discount code. This is a true post on my experience. I found it only fair to try it multiple times, so this could be a really good account of the experience of having the subscription.  So, after 4 boxes here are my thoughts:

The good…

-Really convenient weekly delivery system to avoid grocery shopping for dinners.

-This experience taught me how to make new thing like; peanut sauce, risotto, and a crema.

-It took off the pressure of deciding what to make each week.

-You can choose which meals are sent if you do it a timely manner. If I didn’t like the options I simply skipped that week.

-You get each meal bagged with the ingredients you need for just those 2 meals (or 4 if you choose). I found I wasn’t wasting as much food.

-The directions are easy to follow with pictures, and most recipes are quite simple.

The bad…

-The vegetables didn’t always arrive fresh and often wilted before you can complete your box. I even tried changing the day it shipped and making them starting that same evening and found that day 2 and day 3 were still slightly wilted. With this being said most veggies were still completely usable but a couple times I had to re-buy produce to keep it FRESH.

-The first box of 4 items I timed each recipe and found that the meals took about an hour from beginning to plating. Not counting cleaning time. So they took longer than they said on the direction sheets.

-Some of the meals were small so I added a side. I am someone who only eats half of a meal when I go out to dinner so I can eat the rest for lunch the next day to give you an idea of my potions. Some meals though had a good amount of extra sides never extra of the meat.

The ugly…

-The Thai Chicken bowls noodles were literally rock hard!! I even let them boil longer hoping to soften them because I thought they were a little hard but it didn’t help. I later saw on the Hello Fresh Instagram that many customers complained of the same problem.

-While I was more impressed than my husband, when I asked my husband point-blank what he thought he said that most of the meals had a weird twist to try to make them different. Like they were trying too hard to make them have a fancy twist.


Overall I definitely would continue this once a month, maybe sometimes more just for the convenience and ability to learn new recipes. I do want to note that I am going to be skipping for a little while because I am working on losing some weight and unfortunately most of these meals aren’t as healthy as I would like. I would highly suggest this subscription to someone who doesn’t know how or doesn’t cook a lot. I could see this really useful for people who need help in the kitchen.


If you want to try it out I do have a code for $40 off your 1st box:

Don’t be shy if you have any questions, I was trying to keep this short and simple but would be happy to share more. If you have tried Hello Fresh or a similar box share your experience below with us. I am always looking for a way to simplify everyday life.





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