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First time mom here, and let me tell you to say that registering was overwhelming..is an understatement!! How do you know what you really need and what’s just useless crap? The real answer..you DON’T! I know how annoying it is to hear people say “every baby is different”, but you quickly learn they are right (ugh, I hate that).

While I would love to have the means to buy and try a million things to see what my baby loves, I don’t have the time or MONEY for that. Instead, while I was pregnant I asked my fellow mom friends, researched, and watched every YouTube I could find for advice and started with the most popular items. This is my list of must have newborn baby items. These are items I couldn’t function without.

For easy shopping I added a link to each item either through Amazon or Buy Buy Baby. I am NOT sponsored I just find these easy resources and I have Amazon Prime for free shipping, and free shipping through BBB for registering with them. Don’t forget you can get 20% off at Buy Buy Baby with a coupon (they also take coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond). Again all babies are different so what worked for my LO (little one) unfortunately may not work for yours, but I did try to go with universal items.


Baby Brezza One Step Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

This machine is a lifesaver!! It’s easy to use, fits a good amount of pieces per load, and runs for only 30 minutes. I find that I can prep and load 6 bottles and parts, or 5 bottles and pumping parts in about 3 minutes flat.

After reading various reviews, I saw that a lot of the sterilizers left bottles wet or with droplets of water while this one was said to do a complete dry. Which it delivers on!

The only downfall I have found is that for some reason it leaks a puddle of water under it, every load. I have asked friends and theirs does the same. As a simple fix, I place it over a cookie sheet to catch the water and empty that every couple loads.




I highly suggest for first time parents (or all parents) a Travel System for their car seat and stroller option. It is so much easier to be able to pop your car seat out and throw it onto the stroller in one easy click!

There are many options in sets ranging drastically in pricing. I chose this set because it had really great safety ratings for the car seat and the stroller is really light, has a one hand quick fold and is easy to maneuver.


Note to weak armed Mamas: this car seat is a little heavier than others. My spaghetti arms got used to it pretty quickly though.


Graco Pack N’ Play

While most people get a pack n’ play for traveling and even to use as a sleeping option. The reason this made the must have list is because we set one up in the living room! Why? It’s the perfect one stop station for diaper changes and napping in our main living area of the house. Our son has a nice changing table in his nursery that is yet to be used because he’s not sleeping in there and it’s on the other side of the house.


There are many options for Pack N’ Plays depending on your style preference. I do suggest getting one of the styles that features a changing table so you can get the multi use out of it. I do not recommend the more expensive version with the bassinet piece, as I am not sure that is a safe sleeping environment.

Boppy Newborn Lounger

THIS WAS A GAME CHANGER! It’s the perfect little spot for your little one to sit when they’re a mini little nugget. I think it was also a great way to get my LO used to sleeping on his back. I would use it to let them fall asleep in and then transition him to his bassinet as it is not a safe sleeping environment. It also served as a nice chair to lay in while we bottle fed him.

Wubbanub Pacifier

I know not everyone is into giving their baby pacifiers and that is fine by me. No judgement here either way. I also know that some doctors (and people in general) suggest waiting to start pacifying..again fine by me. I am ALL for not mom shaming (blog on this to come) and my mantra is if it works for you and your baby then do it.

If you choose to give your baby a pacifier, I definitely recommend the WubbaNub or a similar pacifier product. Say what?! We liked to just call it a Wubba. What makes it special?! It stays in place when your LO is mini because the little stuffed animal weighs it down which also keeps it in the babies mouth unlike regular pacifiers. It is also easy to find and the little animal gives your little one something to grasp on to. I hear that as your child ages they often bond with this little guy. Best of all it is really easy to clean the WubbaNub brand because you can literally throw it in the washing machine (Note: I have only tried this with this brand). We literally NEVER EVER EVER leave home without one.

Downside:Baby can’t sleep with this pacifier.


Whoop there it is! Let me know what other must haves I am missing!!? It takes a village..



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