The Owlet and our other  SLEEP must haves

The scariest part for me about being a new mom was our baby sleeping at night. Even though I was delirious, I would get Price down and then lie in bed and listen to make sure I heard him breathing. If I didn’t hear him, I would then get up and check and make sure he was still breathing. To be honest when I heard any little noise (especially those scary newborn gasps) I would check on him. I would watch him to assure myself he was still alive and safe and then I would sneak back into bed and listen while I laid there.  No matter how hard I would try, I would repeat this process until I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open!!

In my crazy pregnancy baby research stage (it was ridiculous how obsessed I was with reading everything baby), I came across the Owlet and thought it was cool in theory but overpriced. With all the things we had to buy I decided to skip this added “luxury”.

Price was born on December 28th and by January 21st I finally posted on FB and asked my friends for advice on the Owlet. I had it!! I was not getting ANY sleep because I was so scared our LO would quit breathing. To be fair, right before Price I had a missed miscarriage which I think has made me more worried things will go wrong again. I will post more about that when we are ready.

I am so glad that I had friends who urged me to try it out.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Owlet! It was worth every penny and is probably the best baby item I purchased!!!!

While it does not prevent anything from happening, it gives you the peace of mind that if he were to quit breathing you would know and hopefully have a chance to help your LO. I can finally sleep which is not only good for me, but for my son!  I also found it extra helpful when our son caught RSV so I could monitor his oxygen levels.

**I do want to bring up FALSE ALARMS because that was my biggest concern purchasing the sock. When Price was a newborn we would get them quite often because the sock would slip off. I heard from a close friend that the newer versions modified sock style stays on a lot better. If you are interested in the Owlet I wouldn’t let this deter you because there are different alarms. The alarm to alert you that the sock is on incorrectly or has fallen off is actually a lullaby so it doesn’t scare you as much when it goes off.  The alarm to alert you of heart rate or oxygen level being low is a very different sound and turns red.

Good news!! The Owlet is now available at Buy Buy Baby!
Here is a link for more information on their FAQ about the Owlet:


Sleep sacks

If you are a swaddle ninja like my hubby, Aden + Anais muslin swaddle cloths are the way to go, but if you are like me, I needed something fast and easy. When Price was a newborn we used Swaddle Me swaddlers since they were so easy to use and stayed wrapped even though our LO was a wiggly little guy.

He has never liked his arms swaddled so at a really young age we kept them out. Once he was around 3 months we switched to Halo Sleep sacks and at 6 months we haven’t looked back! Since Price was born at the end of December we started with the thicker micro fleece version and a cotton one to wear over his one piece pajamas. Once we moved to the next size I bought the lighter weight muslin version because it was warmer weather (spring moving into summer).

Swaddle Blankets:
**I didn’t notice much of a difference in the Aden+Anais vs their cheaper version the Aden by Aden
Velcro Swaddler:
Sleep sack:


Sleep Machine

There are so many options depending on your personal preference for sleep machines. From stuffed animal sound machine options, travel sized and a traditional sound machine. When I was pregnant I purchased the Marpac Dohm Sound machine because it had such great reviews. I was so excited to get it home, and when I told my hubby about it he suggested we try it out that night. We absolutely love the soothing natural sound this machine makes. We ended up using it the rest of my pregnancy and it really helped us to go to sleep faster and deeper. I did put it away for the first six months of our LOs life because I wanted to be able to hear my baby moving and breathing. I am really excited to start using it again now that I am comfortable with my LO being able to rollover and sleep safely.

Sleep Machine:
Sleepsounds App: Rain Rain Sleep Sounds