Dress up your boxed cake mix

Halloween Cupcakes.jpg

Anyone who knows me knows I am not into baking. I hate following directions, I hate measuring out ingredients exactly right, and it just always goes wrong for me so it is not my thing! Every once in a while you have to make some delicious cupcakes so instead of stressing myself out trying to bake from scratch I researched ways to make a boxed cake taste better. I tested out the tips I saw had the best feedback and was very happy with the finished product.


The tips I used:

Add 1 more egg

Use melted butter instead of oil, double the amount (I melted the butter in the microwave). Many people said equal to oil but I tried double and it was so moist.

Use milk instead of water

Fill cups ¾ full

Preheat oven to 350 but reduce to 325 when you insert the cupcakes. Cook for 25 minutes


More tips you can try:

Instead of 1 egg, add 2 extra eggs to be very rich

Add 2 tsp Vanilla (the only reason I did not do this was that I made chocolate cupcakes

Coffee or soda instead of water

Sprinkle with sugar to keep from cake rising and to add a sweet crunchy texture. Rachael Ray suggested for cakes. I wouldn’t do it on cupcakes as you want them to rise and have that nice muffin top.

Add a tablespoon of Mayo to keep cake/cupcakes moist longer

Add lemon (citrus) zest to cake batter or frosting. I do this with cookie frosting and dough and it’s a game changer!!

Making your own icing to top your cake


P.S . Sorry  I didn’t have a good picture, I wasn’t planning on blogging these until I realized how good they were and that was after most of them were gone.


Happy Baking!