Decorating your nursery

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When I started brainstorming for nursery ideas I knew one thing, I didn’t want to go with a traditional theme, that’s just NOT ME. I also knew that I didn’t want to have to repaint the baby room many times so I decided I wanted to choose a neutral wall color that would work for either gender, so that I can revamp it for the next baby easily. I started with the idea of one grey and white striped wall as the focal point. My hubby and I did it ourselves, and while it had its moments of being challenging (prepping the tape definitely caused some small time bickering) we survived and ended up with a pretty good striped wall thanks to the HUBS!! I tend to be someone who likes to wing it, which would have resulted in really crooked lines that varied in width. For the most part, it was a relatively easy process.

Once we found out we were having a little boy I narrowed down my nursery theme to a couple of ideas but settled on a ROCKSTAR/music theme because Nick and I are really into music. To keep the theme from getting cheesy I kept the focus on a neutral color palette with some fun pops that were within the theme.

Here are some tips to style your nursery:

Start with a Vision Board

Before I purchased any items, I pulled a total millennial move, and hopped on Pinterest and made an inspiration board. I am a visual person so I found that having the board made it so much easier to see the look as a whole. If you want to see my board, check it out here: Don’t be shy to follow my account for style ideas, decor, recipes’ and life hacks.

If you open my board, you will see that I ended up purchasing a lot of the pieces I pinned. I had to make some substitutions for items that were no longer available, and I did my best to find cheaper versions of pieces where I could.

If you are not into Pinterest no problem! You can build a board on a word document by saving images of pieces you love or you can even go old school and rip out pictures from catalogs, ads, or magazines and make a large collage.

Find Inspiration

While I was pregnant I loved researching on YouTube and following blogs. For stylish and unique nursery ideas, my favorite was this Instagram account:

Our nursery was actually featured on their account here:


Don’t overdo the Theme

Add fun pops but don’t go too matchy matchy with sets.

Examples I used in my nursery:

*I keep the letter board musical themed (Letterboard: My favorite so far has been this:

*In his picture wall I have 2 album cover frames that feature some of our favorite artists. Currently we have White Stripes and Leon Bridges (Price’s first concert in my belly) on display.

*Guitar frame and guitar hooks. I keep the hooks hung in the closet to give it some nice hidden detailing in that area.

*Marquee Lightning seemed really rock star to me so I found an amazing large lightning bolt as a huge focal point above the toy box. The other marquee light is a smaller star that was a nice addition to the gallery wall.

*For the rock star theme, I had to add stars so you will find star detailing all around the nursery. I have a metallic silver pillow and mobile which really complimented my gray color palette and the theme. I also chose grey stars for the print of some of his bedding, swaddlers, blankets and burp rags. The Aden & Anais twinkle collection was just too perfect to complement the room.

Last thing I hate to admit is you don’t need to style and complete the nursery before baby arrives (I hope my husband doesn’t see this, if he does, Ugh.. YOU WERE RIGHT BABE!). Our LO is almost 6 months old now and he hasn’t even used his room yet! That being said, it still is my favorite room in the house and it brings me unlimited joy and happiness.

REMEMBER: It’s all in the details..Happy Styling 🙂