Rainbow Rice for sensory play

Price is almost 15 months old now and I have been interested in incorporating more educational activities into his day. I first consulted my trusty old friend, Pinterest, and was quickly overwhelmed! Here is a link to my album to see other activities I found https://www.pinterest.com/MrsBrandyCooper/baby-activities . After a week or so of debating, I decided that sensory bins would be a fun place to start.  Price is at the age where everything goes straight into his mouth, so one of my biggest concerns was finding something that was edible, just in case. Rice seemed like the perfect base for my starter sensory bin, so I did a quick run to Target and the Dollar Store for materials!

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and quick it was to make the rainbow rice. I was able to do each color within a couple minutes. I would say start to finish for the 6 colors was maybe 20 minutes. The next day once I put it together, Price was so excited to get his hands in the bin that I could not even snap a picture quick enough. So, here are some quick snaps of him mixing it up!



He loved playing in it with his hands, and even his feet. At one point Daddy and I were cleaning up the rice overflow and looked over to catch him putting a small handful in his mouth. OOPS!! Good thing we went with the rice.

So far, he really loves it, and each time we pull it out I add different toys or utensils to mix it up. The newest addition was Easter eggs.


Rainbow Rice Supplies:

-Rice (large bag, 5 lbs: 2 cups of 6 color with 1 cup leftover)

-Food Coloring

-White Vinegar

-Large Bowl


-Spatula or spoon

-Measuring cup (1 cup)

-Measuring spoon (tablespoon)

-Cookie sheet or tray

-Paper towels

*When building your sensory bin, it is important that you find a container that will allow your child to easily access from a seated position.



-Set up double layer of paper towels on two baking sheets or any type of flat surface (trays, plates, etc.), If you want to make this really easy you can even just use a paper plate for each color.

-Mix 2 tbsp. vinegar with 8 drops of food coloring in large bowl with whisk.

-Slowly mix in 2 cups rice with spatula

-You can add a couple more drops of coloring if you want to adjust the color

-Once mixed well, spatula rice onto paper towels to dry.

-Let dry overnight

-Wake up and enjoy!!




Here are some Sensory Items you can add in. You probably have plenty of things lying around your house, but these were easy to find at Target and the Dollar Tree so I bought most of them to live in a sensory bin for EASY access.

-Measuring cups

-Measuring spoons



-Letters (foam bath letters are great)

-Plastic toys (I added some bright colored lizards I found in the dollar section at Target)





Little ones gift guide

Let’s face it, if you don’t have a little one you probably don’t have the slightest idea of what to get a baby for Christmas!?! Some of my besties started having babies a couple years before me and when it came to the time to buy them a Christmas or birthday gift I would go into instant freak out mode on what to buy!! I often would turn to my trusty bff Pinterest and look up best gifts for whatever age they were. Often after researching though I would look at these lists and think OMG I’m sure they have all of this already?! What’s a girl to do..help!!!

Here is a handy guide of some creative gift ideas that are a little outside of the box:

-My favorite thing that we’ve gotten my son up to this point is this ball pit!! He absolutely loves it and plays in it all throughout the day. The soft shell of it makes it so easy for him to get in and out of on his own and you get to pick the color scheme from many options so it actually looks beautiful in our living room! Only downside about this product is that it ships from Poland so expect a 2-3 week wait for delivery. Great quality though so it was well worth the wait. I just wish I bought an extra set of the balls.



Memberships to local children’s museums, zoos or kids classes in their area. This is truly a gift that keeps giving. I know I will be purchasing swim classes, music classes and art classes in my area.

-My son LOVES books, which makes my heart so happy. One of my best friends, Amanda, got him a book personalized for him and I can’t wait for the day I read it to him and he understands that it is about him!! I found this site that has 150 different styles of personalized books, so you can find one for any child and they start as low as $14.99.



Quiet/Busy Book. I have not bought one of these yet. Because I am waiting to see more of my sons personality before I commit to a theme, but I cannot wait to get him one of these beautiful busy books for car rides and traveling! In addition, he is currently too young for the small parts.



-Nick and I have a large family because both of our parents are divorced so we are blessed to give our son (ready for it…) 3 Grandmas, 4 Grandpas, 3 Aunts, and 4 Uncles!! My mom gifted my son this adorable book with enough slots to include everyone’s picture. I love to go through the tongue twister of all of Price’s family members and their nicknames for him with this book. I can’t tell you how often I find him giggling “talking” to his families pictures.



-I am dying to have a little girl (fingers crossed one day!) so I can buy her a Candy Kirby Designs doll. They are so beautiful and come in all different skin tones and looks. There is even a little boy version if Price wants one. They are also now available at Nordstrom!!


the isabella celebration ballerina doll

Most parents receive a ton of clothes for the first year so I would recommend buying in larger sizes. Most people shop at Carters or Target so if you want to get them something unique check out my favorite kids brands:

Henry & Claire has the cutest rompers around!! They release new styles weekly so you are sure to get them something they do not already have in their closet.



-I am obsessed with these Purllamb pieces for something fun and playful. Who doesn’t love a donut print?! In addition, a portion of their sales goes to orphanages around the world.



-A cool kid hat is hard to find in store… but only a click away if you checkout George Hats!! This is my go to for a cute summer trucker.



-If you are looking for something warmer NOXX beanies are the best beanie for a little one. They fit perfect and are such great material! They also come in a nice variety of colors and styles. Once you go NOXX you won’t buy any other brand.



-For our baby shower one of my Mother in Laws (I am blessed to have two) got us a newborn photo session. I am beyond happy that she did. I would have felt too guilty spending that kind of money at that time but I am so grateful she did. Most photographers do mini sessions, which usually run about $75 in California area. If you do not want to research a local photographer, you can always get a gift card for a chain photography location in their area like Picture People, Sears or Buy Buy Baby.

I hope you enjoyed this list of our favorites!